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Jacquemus Spring 2018

Three weeks has passed and Jacquemus managed to be the first collection that dazzled me with every single piece. The styling, the details – Simon Porte Jacquemus got inspired once again by his late mother and her days in the village with a scarf around her head, ceramic earrings and a pareo tied around her waist. His mother has been his muse since day one, because he lost him at a very young age, and I think that’s how he managed to stay true to his aesthetic even though the is creating conceptually different collections each season. It has always been about her; her house, her clothes, her attitude. He has his story to tell and we are just happy to be invited to be a part of it.

Jacquemus Resort 2016

LVMH prize winner Simon Porte Jacquemus is not a guy to be taken lightly. He plays jump rope with the line between commercialism and conceptualism, fashion and art, obscene and modest, young and mature with every single collection he brought forth, without a degree in fashion design I might add. For this particular collection, which was shot at his family home in the lavender-filled countryside of southern France, he took his late mother Valérie as an inspiration which means there’s a lot more emotion and less aggressivity in the looks. However he still relied on his magic recipe of asymmetry and geometry, coming up with a collection that I not only admire but also covet. A LOT.