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Around The World

I may not be around as much as I used to and publish a post every single day like before but don’t you think for a single second that I gave up street style, or spending hours online checking out fashion weeks. Street style is my drug – let it be Pinterest boards, style blogs or fashion week snaps, I can’t live without it. And I can’t not share it with you, especially now that I have so many beautiful looks stored from around the world: best of Moscow, Kiev, Seoul and Tbilisi fashion weeks ladies and gentlemen.

Pre-inspiration Board

Berlin, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Kiev, Paris (couture) and New York (menswear) were *some of* the cities that hosted fashion weeks during the month of January (and a little bit of February) and hand in hand they eventually provided us with a lot of serious pre-fashion month winter street style inspiration. Lessons learned: colorful furs, long overcoats, cropped pants, classic blue jeans, Chanel and Celiné heels & Gucci loafers are in as ever but the bomber jackets are literally having the time of their lives.

The Understudy

Shame on me for thinking Stockholm Fashion Week was the last major fashion week before the overwhelming fashion month begins because, as it turns out, there are some pretty bad ass underdog style havens around. Lately, thanks to Daria Shapovalova, Ukraine fashion became more and more relevant and I was aware that Kiev shows a lot of promise but the success of the street style scene was totally unexpected. And then entered a Prague Fashion Week, making me utterly surprised at the fact that how people living in cities with much less spotlight can have such great style senses.