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Best Street Style Looks of LFW Spring 2019

It’s been almost 9 years since I started working in fashion (and about 13 since I got really passionate about it) and I still don’t get why London Fashion Week doesn’t get the credit it deserves from the fashion crowd. Besides being one of my favorite cities in the world (I like it a lot more than New York, honestly) London has that creative juice that’s not flowing, it’s almost boiling – on the runway and on the streets. It’s less sophisticated, less calculated and definitely more comfortable and colorful than the rest. All I can ask for.

Best Street Style Looks of LFW Spring 2018

Two down, two more to go – the fashion week that’s the least cared about (despite giants like Burberry and stars like JW Anderson, Joseph, Rejina Pyo and so on; I don’t know why people still don’t take London seriously – to me it’s a lot more relevant than NY lately) is over now leaving a pile of Gucci fanny packs, mid-length dresses styled in not such a feminine way (my favorite!) and lots of blazers. Best of best from London Fashion Week street style coming your way!

Best of LFW S/S 2017 Street Style

There’s one mystery I can’t seem to resolve about fashion and cities: when I was living in Milan 6 years ago, I hated the way people dressed on the streets. I wasn’t inspired by anyone, I couldn’t even find 5 people to shoot as an assignment for the school. Then I visited my best friend in London for 3 days and I lost my mind, especially around Portobello Market, I wanted to personally thank people for being so stylish and inspiring. From that moment on London became “the” fashion city in my mind with a natural and unique sense of style. The thing I can’t understand is the fashion week street style scene of London when that creativity disappears completely and turns into Oxford Circus at night if it wasn’t for some of the A-list bloggers and editors. Either the actual London folk hide away from fashion people or the photographers don’t know what to take photos of because I refuse to believe London got boring. Anyways, I could fish out 65 good looks from …

Best of London Men’s FW Spring 2017 Street Style

My favorite months have always been May or September, I’m not a summer (or winter) girl and call me superficial but the main reason is because I can’t find the will, inspiration or a dry skin to dress up like I want during the extreme seasons. Though there’s something happening in January and June that’s making me like these months more than ever and it’s menswear fashion weeks. I recently realized that a street style scene consisting of layers, pants and any kind of flat or ugly shoe has a Prozac effect on me, instantly lifting up my mood and taking my troubles away. Now if you’ll excuse me I’ll look at the best looks from London Menswear Fashion Week street style over and over again, then dress up and go sweat outside.