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50 Shades of Red

You know I’m not the kind of girl that would make post about red lips being a trend (hint, last beauty post) but according to the fashion world, literally any shade of red lipstick is going to be acceptable next spring. From soft cherry to blood red and all the way to velvety burgundy or even brown; it’s almost impossible to not find a color that’s good on you. The only common ground? Thanks to the beauty gods, they are all matte.

Drop The Black, Drop The Liner

It’s usually hard to spot new makeup trends on fashion weeks; or deceptively easy, like, surprise surprise red lips are trendy this summer. So I usually have to look into details to come up with something to write about, unlike hair, makeup is tricky with very little wiggle room. However something came to the fore unmistakably and it would be foolish to ignore it; colorful eye shadow is the new black (liner) this upcoming spring/summer season and it’s hard on a girl who only wears eyeliner as an element of makeup. While Jill Stuart, Ohne Titel, Jenny Packham and Diane Von Furstenberg opted for brighter hues like baby blue or pastel pink; Rodarte, Givenchy, Derek Lam and Altuzarra chose more neutral, peachy shades, making it possible for even girls like me to give it a go.

Brown Eyed Girl

Just Cavalli Fall 2015 Or you can also be a taupe eyed girl or an orange eyed girl but blue or black seems out of picture for fall 2015 season. The tone and the amount of brown is the tricky part that makes this runway trend hard to apply IRL, personally I’d look totally washed out with a brown eye makeup but there’s no denying that it’ll be a huge beauty trend this fall. My personal favorite is Derek Lam’s subtle cateye eyeshadow or Altuzarra’s part grey part bronze look.


Couple of days ago when I saw a beautiful girl out in the daylight with a super natural golden eye shadow and no other makeup on her face (of whom I wanted to take a photo so bad but was afraid to look like a freak) I realized that gold eye makeup is an overlooked fraction of daily beauty routine as well as party looks. Especially now that it’s officially winter and we all need that little shimmer around our eyes to replace the gleam in them, I propose we lightly use gold eyeshadow especially around the inner eye corner if not under brows and compliment with black mascara only. I refuse to give in to the winter moodiness, not quite yet.

In Too Deep

It’s almost impossible to describe this particular and exquisite shade of red. It’s not burgundy, definitely not maroon. Not apple red, pretty sure not vermillion either. Closest I can come is Venetian red, or to put it more simply, a deep red. Perfect for fall make up (and spring 2015 make up, thinks Christopher Bailey for Burberry), this shade would look good on every skin tone and for every occasion. How do  I know? MAC Ruby Woo – which I can crown as the king of all lipsticks in the world – is the only shade of lipstick I’ve ever worn, will ever wear with confidence day & night. Hint: choose a matte lipstick in a rich hue for a more refined and striking look & always use a lipliner.