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Drop The Black, Drop The Liner

It’s usually hard to spot new makeup trends on fashion weeks; or deceptively easy, like, surprise surprise red lips are trendy this summer. So I usually have to look into details to come up with something to write about, unlike hair, makeup is tricky with very little wiggle room. However something came to the fore unmistakably and it would be foolish to ignore it; colorful eye shadow is the new black (liner) this upcoming spring/summer season and it’s hard on a girl who only wears eyeliner as an element of makeup. While Jill Stuart, Ohne Titel, Jenny Packham and Diane Von Furstenberg opted for brighter hues like baby blue or pastel pink; Rodarte, Givenchy, Derek Lam and Altuzarra chose more neutral, peachy shades, making it possible for even girls like me to give it a go.

Out of Line

Anthony Vaccarello Fall 2015 Now this is not a beauty trend I’m going to encourage you to include in your daily makeup routine or even for night time, but it obviously is a trend for fall 2015 and at least it’s an amazing excuse for your ruined eyeliner looks. Let it be a brushstroke at haphazard, upward facing liner, mirror eyelashes on your eyelids, harry potter streaks of lightning around your eyes or even the look you get when you scratch your eye out whilst wearing eyeshadow; the lines on/around/under your eyes should be out of line this fall. Intentionally.

Party On My Eyes

While the rest of the world is talking about Alexa Chung’s new cat eye tutorial, I would like to invite you to the opposite end of the minimal universe and consider a metallic – or holographic, if you may – party on your eyes, assuming you would embrace it given it’s the party season. I’ve never hidden my almost fetish for hologram (hint 1, hint 2, I don’t think we need a third) and had I not had hooded eyelids I would have so rocked the metallic eyeshadow. I even have a limited edition MAC eyeshadow with hints of blue and bronze, which with the help of the make up artist-sales people at the store looked like an amazing idea but was left to dust in a corner ever since. Better, it is an amazing alternative to the smoky eye for not-blue-eyed women; purple eyeshadow enhances green eyes, whereas blue goes perfectly with brown eyes (or almost black, like mine).