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Best Street Style From Menswear Fashion Weeks

I may have been away from the blog for a while for personal reasons (mixed with “I can’t pose under this winter conditions anymore” feelings – though you can still follow my daily looks on Instagram) but don’t think for a second that I’m away from my laptop, the internet or the fashion world in general. Since I’m nuts about menswear and especially menswear styling (hint: oversized stuff and layering magic), I have been religiously following menswear fashion weeks (London, Milan and Paris) and that of course includes the street style scenes from the shows. My favorite looks from 3 cities ahead, both men and women, all in one place!

Best of Paris Men’s FW Street Style

For many people Paris is the most beautiful city in the world because of it’s architecture, culture and history but for me its fashion, more so the style of the city itself is one of the main reasons Paris stands above everywhere else in the world. Without the fashion weeks it has the utmost laid back vibe where everyone looks effortless but during fashion weeks the whole city swings into high gear with outfits that look so simple yet well-thought, hiding the charm in the details. Here are the final batch of Menswear Fashion Week street style looks with 65 of my favorite looks from Paris.

Best of Menswear FW Street Style: Italy

Even though I was on vacation for a month and I clearly paused the blog and other work related stuff for a while, I know better than not to follow menswear fashion week by now. All the amazing collections (Raf Simons, Dries Van Noten, Lemaire, Balenciaga!) aside, the street style scene is not one to be missed. Here are my favorite looks from Pitti Uomo and Milano Menswear Fashion Week Spring 2017.

Best of London Men’s FW Spring 2017 Street Style

My favorite months have always been May or September, I’m not a summer (or winter) girl and call me superficial but the main reason is because I can’t find the will, inspiration or a dry skin to dress up like I want during the extreme seasons. Though there’s something happening in January and June that’s making me like these months more than ever and it’s menswear fashion weeks. I recently realized that a street style scene consisting of layers, pants and any kind of flat or ugly shoe has a Prozac effect on me, instantly lifting up my mood and taking my troubles away. Now if you’ll excuse me I’ll look at the best looks from London Menswear Fashion Week street style over and over again, then dress up and go sweat outside.

Warm Up Rounds

Though it’s a huge underestimation to call these street style looks a warm up round, it took me almost half an hour to narrow down the photos – many of which are already pinned to my street style inspiration board. The only reason I called it a warm up was the timing, days before the huge fashion month marathon we were blessed with amazing looks from London, Milan and Paris Menswear fashion weeks, Pitti Uomo and finally Paris couture week. Best of the best, crème de la crème, 70 striking looks to get you going.