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Joseph Pre-Fall 2016

I don’t know what happened between the time Joseph was just another Brit brand and the era where it became one of the key players in the industry, setting the tone for menswear inspired women’s street wear. I must have missed something there, but it will not go unnoticed again, that’s for sure. With references to “Pony Kids”, Perry Ogden’s 1999 photographic study of Dublin’s working-class suburban pony owners; creative director Louise Trotter managed to create a hybrid of menswear shapes and forms with prim and girly details for the pre-fall 2016 collection.

Call A Guy

Often people don’t understand when I say that my main inspiration source is the men on the streets or mistake my affection with my tendency to dress like a boy most of the time. I guess now is the best time to try to show them why, not just because menswear fashion month just kicked off but also because it’s the dead of winter and everybody, I mean EVERYBODY, is looking for something to be inspired by and honestly womenswear is not a great source on that journey. There is at least 10cm snow or a thin block of ice on the shoveled pavements and we celebrate it as though it’s summer time when it’s over -10 so excuse me for not getting anything from women in high heeled boots or worse, all in down coats, skinny jeans and Sorels. I need layering, I need oversized coats, I need combat boots, I need sweaters and I need the beautiful tailoring of pants. So, let me ask that question: If there’s something cold in your neighborhood, …

Best of LDN Menswear

MAN Fall 2015 If you still don’t follow menswear simply because you’re a woman and think it wouldn’t concern or inspire you, get ready to be pleasantly surprised. Everyone knows my affiliation and affection with menswear, I honestly think it’s much more aspiring, inspiring, original and of quality than womanswear most of the time, but I think everyone, even the most posh and girly girls out there can find something to look up to in menswear and not just regarding the clothes but mainly the stylings. I’m not saying that we should go and start buying men’s clothes (which I admit doing from time to time) but look at these photos, my round up of London Men’s Fashion Week Fall 2015, and tell me you are not one step closer to layering like a pro. Trend tips: patchwork patchwork patchwork, 70’s fever and ankle length wide cuffs, shearling on full force (like seriously), slits everywhere, fringe scarves and blanket coats (I especially love that behind the ass thing), skirts over pants (see, it turns out …

Man Up

Camel long coat Stylenanda (similar here) // black turtleneck sweater Zara // grey pinstripe blazer Zara (similar here) // grey wide leg trousers FrontRow Shop (similar here & here) // sunglasses Spitfire (similar here) Both figuratively and literally. It’s hard to continue with the blog just as it’s hard to continue with your daily life and all the minor problems and joys while your country is going through one of the biggest revivals in its history.

Take It From Guys

I’m as passionate about menswear as the day is long, which is evident in almost every post on this blog. Let it be a styling trick, an attitude, an oversize cut or the eternal love for trousers; I find inspiration in menswear the most. Actually if I were a little taller I’d probably shop from mens sections even more, now I can only go with Topman‘s XS. In fact last week during a conversation with my husband about how lots of men (especially in Turkey) lack sartorial gusto, I opined that even though the sources and options are scarcer than womenswear, it should be a lot easier for men to dress up sharply even in their daily lives simply because if a man wears what I wear he would look really cool whereas I look like a schoolboy (again, insert here that I’m only 5’ 3″). I think at some point I said (out loud) that I wished I was a guy. As a woman working in fashion, I am somehow pressured to wear something …