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Best Street Style From Menswear Fashion Weeks

I may have been away from the blog for a while for personal reasons (mixed with “I can’t pose under this winter conditions anymore” feelings – though you can still follow my daily looks on Instagram) but don’t think for a second that I’m away from my laptop, the internet or the fashion world in general. Since I’m nuts about menswear and especially menswear styling (hint: oversized stuff and layering magic), I have been religiously following menswear fashion weeks (London, Milan and Paris) and that of course includes the street style scenes from the shows. My favorite looks from 3 cities ahead, both men and women, all in one place!

Call A Guy

Often people don’t understand when I say that my main inspiration source is the men on the streets or mistake my affection with my tendency to dress like a boy most of the time. I guess now is the best time to try to show them why, not just because menswear fashion month just kicked off but also because it’s the dead of winter and everybody, I mean EVERYBODY, is looking for something to be inspired by and honestly womenswear is not a great source on that journey. There is at least 10cm snow or a thin block of ice on the shoveled pavements and we celebrate it as though it’s summer time when it’s over -10 so excuse me for not getting anything from women in high heeled boots or worse, all in down coats, skinny jeans and Sorels. I need layering, I need oversized coats, I need combat boots, I need sweaters and I need the beautiful tailoring of pants. So, let me ask that question: If there’s something cold in your neighborhood, …

Such a Pitti

In all the interviews I gave about my blog and style (which to be honest isn’t a lot) I mentioned my affection for menswear and especially men’s street style explicitly, saying that’s in fact what inspires me most and how blown away I am by the quality of menswear and the bravery of the men who carry those looks to life. I wasn’t exaggerating, everything I learned from color combining, layering, simultaneously mastering sartorial perfection and the art of unfinished bohemia is from following menswear. Pitti Uomo in particular is really more about menswear and suiting but still that doesn’t mean we, as women, can’t catch a thing or two. If nothing it’s just 40 outfits of amazing looking men and I don’t think anyone would complain about that on a fine sunday.