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Etsy Giveaway & Holiday Picks

2017 was a crazy year for me; we moved to a new house, my husband started his new job cementing our residency in Montreal, I hit over 100k on Instagram, I went to Iceland and saw Northern Lights with my own eyes, celebrated new marriages and little babies of dear friends AND I became one of the ambassadors of Etsy Canada which believe it or not, was one of the biggest highlights of my year. Etsy has always been my biggest obsession, where I found all my vintage and handmade clothes and furniture which helped me build my own unique style over almost a decade. I’ve converted many people to Etsyism and this year I took that mission to a more official and Canada-centered level. I’ve discovered so many amazing shops and their even more amazing owners. Now Etsy is not only the place I shop at but also a place I have friends at, it’s a tight community of people creating & appreciating unique and creative goods. After a wonderful year of working with …


Rove Concepts

Those of you that follow me on Instagram may already know (because it’s all I talk about lately) that I’m moving to a new, bigger and brighter house next week which means only one thing in my universe: endless furniture shopping. I’ve spent so much time online looking for the “perfect” everything, trying to find the best version of an interior concept I have in my mind for the best possible price. Vintage is usually a good option but for some things (especially big furniture) you just want to have something brand new – with a vintage look – and that’s when I dove into the world of Rove Concepts, an exceptional Canadian destination where one can find handcrafted impeccable mid-century and modern-European furniture and home accents. They are selling designs you either can’t find anywhere else or for prices that are unbeatable. Seriously, I heard about them before but my world has changed after I discovered what they’ve been all about. With their 3 exclusive brand collections (RoveClassics where they recreate iconic pieces [my …