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Best Street Style Looks of MFW Spring 2018

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear Milan and fashion in the same sentence? While for most people it’s heritage or leather or stuff like that, for me it’s always PRINTS. Followed by COLOR. And preferably a stylish mix of both; head to toe reds, prints over prints. Lots of sexy pumps walking the same streets with a parade of masculine sandals. If you need inspiration to get out of your style rut for the upcoming fall, here are my favorite picks of Milan Fashion Week street style!

Via Della Moda

I recently discovered why I love Milan fashion week street style so much and the reason is not just city’s sartorial heritage or women’s fearlessness especially in terms of color or even because it’s the country that embraces (and graces) masculine style the most. I get to see so much more of Ada Kokosar in Milan, that’s why, it’s that superficial. Here are my favorite 130 looks (fashion week really is a circus, innit?) from Milan streets, the beautiful city I spent one whole awesome year of my life in.

Boys, Boys, Boys

I don’t know how thankful I am for Coco Chanel and all the other pioneers who saved women from uncomfortable clothes and let them dress up like men decades ago because I simply cannot imagine a world where the guys get to look this good and I can’t get a slice. After a dreamy month of London, Milan and Paris Men’s fashion weeks and of course, Pitti Uomo, here’s the best of the best of men street style. I don’t think I narrowed it down at all, they all looked amazing.

Milano Advanced

The title stands for how Milano – with its heritage obsessed brands, posh but always kinda dull aura and super classic safe street style choices – reminds me of advanced style. Privilegedly excluding Marni, Jil Sander, Prada and some young brands like No21 and MSGM – Milano has unfortunately became a far less inspirational fashion capital over the years for me. Luckily, there is still a street style scene worthy of a hope to be cherished. 60 best looks from Milano Fashion Week to feed your sartorial appetite.