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Stretch Armstrong

As someone who always stretched out the sleeves of every single long sleeve top she ever had, this oversized sweater trend makes me happy more than anyone else. I don’t know if it’s the cosiness, feeling of sloppiness or simply because it balances my body proportions but I can’t get enough of the stretch armstrong look. . Light brown long sleeve sweater H&M (similar here & here) . Straight leg jeans Citizens of Humanity (or get it here & similar here & here) . Black block heel pumps Stylenanda (similar here & here)

Nouveux Manteaux de 2016

It may come as a surprise to many, but I actually still hate posing for blog photos. I absolutely love dressing up but pretending to be a 5’3 non-skinny model whilst people walk by and stare at you part, not so much. If I’m lucky they just look for a couple of seconds and go away. Some of them just stay there and look at you for minutes which I have to be honest are the creepiest couple of fellas. And sometimes they talk, make jokes, get interested in your camera, suggest you a more “colorful” wall or generally ask questions about what the hell you’re doing. The funniest one we ever got were the couple living across one of the walls we frequently shot coming up at us and asking why we always take photos there, if it’s an important wall or not – they were pretty relieved when after a year they finally figured out that we were not insane. This weekend however a pass-byer unknowingly named the post by yelling out “Nouveux …

Wardrobe Clear-Out

One of the character features that I’m most proud of is the fact that I’m not nor have ever been addicted to anything. No cigarette, only casual alcohol (and when I say casual I mean really casual, like maybe one cocktail per month), no drugs, no video games, no TV – nothing at all. The only thing my body sometimes “demands” out of control is chocolate but if I don’t give in for 2 days then it goes away completely. That being said I have a problem that comes really close to being an addiction sometimes and that’s my shopaholicness. Again, I’m proud to say that it’s not an addiction meaning I never spend more than I have, never buy in installments or get in debts or buy completely irrelevant, ridiculous stuff that I’ll never use – but during some periods I want to buy something new, every single day. Frankly it always falls around the beginning of fall season and especially around times I’m really, really stressed but it’s there and in order to …

Shoulder to Shoulder

Open shoulder tops may be over already (giving way to one shoulder tops) but I’m not willing to let them go so fast, as my neckline and shoulders are the absolute favorite part of my body. Even though I’ve always loved one shoulder everything (even during those cheesy times circa 2001) I feel like this envelope open shoulder top style flatters me the most, so much that I didn’t even care it turned into a Bardot top as I walked. Just one more shoulder before summer goes forever. . Pink open shoulder top bxtwxxn (similar here & here) . Straight leg jeans Citizens of Humanity (or get it here & similar here & here) . Black leather loafers Gucci (or get it here & here)

Upside Down

My all time favorite outfits are usually the ones where I manage to turn one garment into something else completely: kimonos into skirts & skirts into strapless dresses were among my personal hits. So it should come as no surprise that whenever someone else does it for me, I go nuts. I tried wearing my shirts as wrap tops and skirts in the past but couldn’t do it quite right, thanks to this skirt that looks like an oversized shirt-apron I’m now on top of the world. . White ribbed sweater ASOS (similar here & here) . Blue shirt looking wrap skirt Genuine People (similar here & here) . Black leather slides Urban Outfitters (similar here & here) . Black leather trio bag Céline