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The Brown Rule

Despite the objections of my father believing that brown could only go with another brown or cream, I wore my beloved brown Zara wooden sandals  under black & white floral and gray. Shocking them even more with its 5 inch heels, I was more than happy to have found the perfect brown shoes. The pants are also from Zara – so thin perfect for summer – tee is American Apparel, necklace Urban Outfitters, ring Topshop, worm cuff Mr.Kate, leather rope bracelet (and the lovely pictures which you won’t be able to see for some time because he is going back to Montreal) are gifts from my boyfriend.

And Then I Was a Tree

This sleeveless maxi chiffon duster jacket from Urban Outfitters is the single most amazing piece in my closet right now, and my favourite purchase for the summer. I can’t get enough of it and want to wear it everyday yet I can not spare to wear it out, don’t you all have pieces like that in your closet? The print is amazing, vest like collar is flattering, chiffon is dreamy.OK, we’re getting a room.

Elephants Never Forget

Neither do I. It is unbelievable the things and details I remember. Every thing said and done, every single piece of clothing, where we were, what time it was… It can be a nightmare for the closest people around me, usually me claiming stuff  which they don’t even know if actually happened or not. Its a lot of fun. I have a special thing for elephants; other than the fact that they are super cute & remember everything and are scared of mouse, because of my surname which starts with “fil” – which means elephant in Turkish, I got mocked A LOT in elementary school – it became a part of me. No complaints. Elephant necklace is from TOPSHOP (which I have to admit at first I thought it was a fly with a gas mask – please don’t ask why), crop top from American Apparel and the floral shorts are from ZARA.

The Streets & The Stairs

Just finding a title to every outfit post is a puzzle itself. How do people do it? I dress up, go out, if there is a victim around me (friend or family, not random people) I ask him/her to take a photo of mine (which is an action I don’t like so much either) and thats it. There isn’t a theme to any of my outfits or photos. Anyway, I can not tell you how hot it is. Instead you can look at my hair and my languid face and imagine it yourself. I can’t even stand upright. 7 day countdown to an amazing vacation begins today. My sole intention is to, well, not move all day. But I still have some time to stare blankly, living in a city with a humidity rate of %99 that makes my beloved clothes actual parts of my body. Vest H&M, gray sleeveless top & floral shorts TOPSHOP, shoes & bag ZARA