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Best of NYFW Streetstyle Part II

The post that was supposed to be published on Saturday but couldn’t because the owner of this blog forgot the charger to her macbook while packing for Toronto and broke out in hives when she had to do everything on her phone in the middle of fashion week(s); is getting published today even though it’s too late because the second part of New York Fashion Week street style clearly swept away the scene. I love the current state of fashion because even after you look at 90+ photos here, you can’t point out definite trends and dos and don’ts besides the Gucci fur loafers and Chanel slingbacks. In this day and fashion age, every outfit is possible.

Outfits of New York

I tried guys, I really tried. I did my best to narrow down the street style looks of New York fashion week, I wanted to limit them to something like 50 so that I can make the post “50 best looks of NYFW” but I couldn’t and you’ll understand why when you see the following 135 (yes, hundred and thirty five) looks. I couldn’t leave any of them out. In my defense though, there were around 500 so I still call this a triumph. (To check them all, head over to my pinterest.) Trends to take note of: FURS (capitalized, it was that big), all grey, all neutrals, turtlenecks under everything, midi knit dresses paired with oversized coats and flats, long assymetrical sweaters over tapered pants and finally bare legs, if you dare. Final word; kudos to everyone who attended the shows looking this good in the middle of a polar vortex. Apparently love of fashion not only feeds you (SATC) but keeps you warm too.

Winterized Unicolor

It’s all been about (shades of) winter unicolor in freezing New York this week, as showgoers push their limits to look good under extreme weather conditions. Cream and white, camel and brown, pastel pink and grey, burgundy and coral or simply shades of grey, blue, black or green confiscated the streets and even though I break out in hives everytime I see outfits without any black in them, I do think they look pretty amazing so far.

Because Winter IS Cold

With NYFW around the corner and blizzards everywhere, people started freaking out over what to wear (or how to look nice in general when the weather literally bites) and I think as someone living in one of the coldest cities in the world I have the right to give an advice or two. Don’t get me wrong; usually I’m bundled up in my down coat, face unrecognizable under a huge scarf and beanie & sliding on ice with my warmest winter boots but at least, as uncomfortable as it is, I know how to look (as) chic (as possible) if necessary. First things first: anything faux is your enemy. I know the moral burden of wearing real fur and leather, but if you don’t want the real thing then just go with wool, mohair wool or down coats. Faux fur, faux leather or anything plastic will just make you feel colder. Second: keeping in mind that you have to wear several layers, choose your outer coat an oversize shape or at least buy one size …

New York 70

No I’m not talking about a legendary night club or a brand new restaurant with a rooftop view, it’s 70 best street style looks from NYFW (besides these, these and these) to get you through the week and beyond. Hint: there are a lot of grey ensembles, flatform oxfords, just flat oxfords, culottes, Carrie Bradshaw heels, crochet skirts, sandals, stripes, herringbone prints, pregnant ladies and a lot of Annina Maslin, Rachael Wang, Lucy Chadwick & Leandra Medine.