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Know Your Slit

I don’t know if there was ever a phase in life where slits were out, but they sure as hell in this fall in New York. Fashion week has started and from the first looks at the street style scene what caught my eye the most are the deep slits of skirts (no matter how you style them) hand in hand with fringes, oxford flats, below the knee skirts and peplum layerings.

Big Apple, Bigger Style

New York fashion week ended on thursday when my blog was down for some unknown reason and I was having the biggest tech crisis since 2010, when a trojan entered my computer from an online dictionary website – the day before I was supposed to submit my thesis – popping out nude ladies everywhere and shutting down my computer every now and then (it didn’t erase my hard drive, if you’re wondering, but the panic I felt probably cost me 10 years of my life) so I couldn’t do the closure post I had in mind. I am leaving that NYFW review to some time next week but I had to do a “best of” of new york fashion week street style post very quickly because I’m sure I will be even more impressed from London. Without a single doubt, Leandra Medine won the style wars round New York whereas colorful furs and black & white shoes (get them here & here) got the award for the most covetable trend. Honest opinion: streets were much …