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Best of Paris Men’s FW Street Style

For many people Paris is the most beautiful city in the world because of it’s architecture, culture and history but for me its fashion, more so the style of the city itself is one of the main reasons Paris stands above everywhere else in the world. Without the fashion weeks it has the utmost laid back vibe where everyone looks effortless but during fashion weeks the whole city swings into high gear with outfits that look so simple yet well-thought, hiding the charm in the details. Here are the final batch of Menswear Fashion Week street style looks with 65 of my favorite looks from Paris.

Best Street Style Looks of PFW Fall 2016

This season will be remembered, more than anything, as the season of the street style. No, it’s not the first time people dressed up for the cameras, not the first time bloggers flooded the shows (or at least the entrance of the shows) nor the first time people cared more about street style more than (some) runway shows but this was the season the power of streets was finally confirmed commercially and creatively. The most buzzed about and celebrated collections of the season were Vetements and Balenciaga, both in the hands of the same creative director, both all about the “streets”. Things finally turned the other way around, from streets to runways, now it’s time to wait for the next thing and meanwhile enjoy this new era, starting with the (many, many) best street style looks from Paris Fashion Week.

Girls, Girls, Girls

I don’t think it’s a coincidence fashion people scheduled men’s fashion weeks (and pitti uomo) for fall/winter season right in the middle of January, the month every single soul on earth despises the most. Right when you are grappling with winter depression of not knowing what to wear and losing your will to go out of the house altogether – not to mention breaking your new year’s resolutions days, nay, hours after midnight – beautiful men and women of London, Florence, Milan and Paris come to rescue year after year. A huge coverage of men’s street style is on it’s way but for now, check out 50 best looks from the women of men’s fashion weeks.

Best of PFW Streetstyle

Ever since I started putting this post together I’ve already spent half my monthly budget; one photo here one shoe there, one gallery here one pair of jeans there. It’s ALL so so good that it makes you want to own everything and wear every look one after another. A parade of Chanel cap toe sling backs, Jacquemus skirts, Stella McCartney dresses, Celine pants, Isabel Marant sweaters, volumes, layers, fringes, structured cuts but most of all jeans, jeans and more jeans (Vetements boyfriend jeans and 3×1 frayed jeans, mostly) felicitated the wonderful world of fashion and we’re left with endless street style inspiration. Merci beaucoup Paris.

Haute Style de la Rue

I remember the days when haute couture collections didn’t require a fashion week frenzy, when only the people working in the industry knew the dates of the shows. And those (mostly) dresses showcased on the runways were just like scenes out a fantasy for most people, even objects of mockery for the non-fashion folk. Nobody seem to understand what HC is for other than red carpet events and galas. Then came the age of street style, and those impossible dresses started to adorn the real women on real streets in between shows (though it’s safe to count streets of Paris somewhat magical) and everything became more fun. To me, wearing a couture gown on a regular weekday morning is ten times more fairy tale-y than Kate becoming Princess Catherine, so here I share with you my favorite street style looks from Paris Fall 2015 Couture Fashion Week.