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NYE On The Go

New Year’s Eve is usually a grueling time for me; the pressure to have fun is so overwhelming that we end up either spending a lot of money for overpriced dinners and surge Ubers or we stay at home and I can’t get in the spirit at all that I end up getting really bored. We did both, we spent it in Turkey, spent it here in Montreal, we did it all – I can’t remember the last time I had a decent NYE celebration. Which is why this year we decided that we’ll either splurge and go out with friends to somewhere we know we’ll have fun or stay at home like it’s any other day, just dinner and movies – no expectations (possibly wearing this sweater dress, or something super cozy like this sweater). We were very much set on the latter, until we had it enough with this depressing winter and decided to head to Toronto to spend a fancy night with friends. This change of plans meant coming up with a …

Party On 14

I’m not a usual sucker for celebrity and socialite style especially with candid shots and street style but when it comes to party looks, they know what they are doing. Here are my favorite 25 party looks from galas, gallery openings, cocktails, red carpets, weddings, award shows and so on – all from 2014, all gorgeous and more importantly all will inspire you to get together your holiday party looks. May 2015 bring us all the glory we need to look half as good.

Party Like It’s 54

For years I thought that NYE is supposed to be a day that we should have THE MOST fun. What we are going to do on that night was the cause of big fights among our friends so after a while it became meaningless. Now all it just is an excuse to get together with all my friends who just want to get together. And I don’t care if we are having the most fun at the best party with the most amazing Instagram photos because I refuse to get sucked into this pressure and FOMO. Guys, we already missed Studio 54 days, there isn’t anything in this world that would make me want to be there instead of our small local bar with my friends. The spirit is always up for grabs though; so I wish you a genuinely fun NYE and an even more wonderful 2014 where you always party like it’s 54.