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Checkers With A Denim Patch

I bought this denim patchwork shirt from ASOS almost 2 months ago, waited patiently for the perfect spring day to wear it (of course I played dress up a little bit and decided to pair it with something that will create a pattern block) but somehow the weather thought it would be appropriate to jump directly from winter to summer. I was lusting after wearing my cardigans, hundreds of pairs of trousers and long sleeved shirts then it was suddenly sunbathing at the park time. But of course I wore them anyway, because, well – I had to don’t I? Though I have to hand it to Montreal; when people had told this to me I didn’t believe them but Montreal in summertime really is the most wonderful city I’ve seen in my life. The whole city, the streets, the gardens, how people hang out… Everything is so perfect that I almost don’t want to leave ever – even for my own wedding.