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Such a Pitti

In all the interviews I gave about my blog and style (which to be honest isn’t a lot) I mentioned my affection for menswear and especially men’s street style explicitly, saying that’s in fact what inspires me most and how blown away I am by the quality of menswear and the bravery of the men who carry those looks to life. I wasn’t exaggerating, everything I learned from color combining, layering, simultaneously mastering sartorial perfection and the art of unfinished bohemia is from following menswear. Pitti Uomo in particular is really more about menswear and suiting but still that doesn’t mean we, as women, can’t catch a thing or two. If nothing it’s just 40 outfits of amazing looking men and I don’t think anyone would complain about that on a fine sunday.

A Man’s World

Or at least it was for the past one month with Pitti Uomo and Milano men’s fashion week (still going on with Paris), and I couldn’t be happier. See me, I’m not the kind of girl who would be attracted to guys with muscles and everything but the ones with such a style that would inspire me. The intrinsical boldness these  guys have that reflects directly to their outfits and attitudes literally mesmerize me. And on a more superficial note, I am totally into that tucking the huge ass scarf under the one button jacket thing. So into that.

Lookin Sharp, Lads!

I’ve been meaning to make a post about men’s street style for a long time now, and its about time with pitti and fashion weeks and all. Would I annoy anyone if I say that lately, men inspire me more than women around fashion weeks? This is mainly because I am such a fan of the masculine look but also – women’s street style is starting to feel like a show to me, not a sincere one at that. Because of the (very beautiful and stylish, hands down) Russian ladies, it doesn’t feel natural and inspiring to me anymore. I still admire it, but like the way I admire an editorial. Anyways, here are my fav shots of some very very stylish lads!