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Maison Martin Margiela Pre-Fall 2014

Two inspirational quotes to start the post. 1) Never say never. (I vowed just two days ago not to make any more posts about pre-fall collections) 2) It ain’t over until MMM says it’s over. Yes I know even couture shows are about to end and we are all bored with pre-fall stuff but this is too good to not share. Besides, I would wait any kind of wearable Margiela with arms wide open and even though I get some serious Victor & Rolf and Watanabe (maybe even 90’s Gaultier) vibe (let’s not kid ourselves, it was never the same after mysterious Mr Margiela left but still I see it as a design shrine) I still want to embrace every single look. Anyone looking for gift ideas – my birthday is in, like, 4 months so you have to schedule beforehand – anything from this collection would do. Anything. But I prefer the sweaters. And the boots. Maybe the dresses too. Oh no I want the pants.

Pre-Fall 2014, The Final Batch

Is it over yet? Cause I’m not going to do another post if any other brand releases their pre-fall 2014 collection photos. Oh who am I kidding, they are all so good I can keep on writing about them all year long. I’ve already started to update my wardrobe and I’m getting serious styling inspiration from pre-fall collections – which I realised is my favourite season as well. Not pre-fall but pre-winter. In terms of trends to watch: below the knee, wide leg anything (check x3), pointed toe oxfords – preferably with a metal detail (check), furry shoes (planning a DIY), feathered hems (this is huge lately, also working on a DIY), front slit structured skirts (bought the best possible Cheap Monday skirt ever), fur stoles worn as a straitjacket / arm locker if you may (have the stole, will think about the arm thing), short hem trousers (not sure how they would look on me, especially non skinny ones) and over the knee – wide calf flat boots as witnessed mostly in the first …

Chloé Pre-Fall 2014

I hold Chloe responsible for my something masculine in every feminine outfit – something feminine in every masculine outfit motto. Season after season the designers change but my fancy for ridiculous layerings, pastel surprises and pretty on the top – chunky on the bottom footwear never goes away. Clare Waight Keller nailed it yet again with the pre-fall 2014 collection of which I would gladly wear every single item. I’m sensing a serious skirt trend: long on the front shorter on the sides with indifferent flares. Pink and nautical stripes carry the romantic Chloe torch but the sheepskin trims and patches added a whole new vibe to the history line. Wide over the knee boots and flat, ugly sandals are default by now but as far as I’m concerned, Chloe added the cherry on top of the mule cake (hint; sneaky side buckle mule on the second photo).

After Summer, Before Fall

Yes, there’s such a season when it comes to fashion and apparently it’s so important that it needs its very own collection. I’m pretty sure soon there will be a separate collection for the indian summer or the random 10 days in May where it doesn’t stop raining. As much as I enjoy looking at new collections everyday, I worry deeply about the design teams trying to keep up with the crazy fashion schedule. As to what we should invest / keep for pre-fall in 2014; anything with a 70’s vibe (preferably suede and below the knee, loose pants and skirts) and any kind of fringe or fur panel is good to go, sheepskin and pinstripes are in full flow and simply jump on every burgundy leather or a piece of shoe (it doesn’t even have to be a pair) that consists of two things: black and white.