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50 Shades of Red

You know I’m not the kind of girl that would make post about red lips being a trend (hint, last beauty post) but according to the fashion world, literally any shade of red lipstick is going to be acceptable next spring. From soft cherry to blood red and all the way to velvety burgundy or even brown; it’s almost impossible to not find a color that’s good on you. The only common ground? Thanks to the beauty gods, they are all matte.

It Rains and Rains

I’m a woman and of course I am exaggerating. It doesn’t rain and rain all the time, it just rained for a few days – which is more than reasonable for May – but I get cranky everytime I see a grey cloud. Cue the misery song: All the curly ladies, all the curly ladies – Oh, oh, oh… To make matters worse I can not cut my damned long (for me) and unshaped hair because for the wedding it will be the longer the better. But I promise you on June 9th it will turn into a bob again – which will let me leave them curly without any problem. Last but not least, I could FINALLY get my hands on an American Apparel white nail polish (topped with a matte coat) and I LOVE it! It’s a nice change and a remarkable transition from the dark winter nails to the overly bright summer shades.

Pumped Up Lips

The only thing regarding make-up that people have come over and asked for my counsel in history is the brand and colors of my lipsticks. Since I have low eyelids I can not use eye shadow, I never have. So my make up is either just eyeliner or eyeliner with a red lipstick. My first ever red lipstick was (and it still is my favourite for sure) MAC’s Ruby Woo – which by now the whole world knows since they made a special edition of Ruby Woo with Rihanna and named it Riri Woo (which of course got sold out in hours). Its matte texture and rich color is unequalled; I get so nervous that they are going to discontinue it that everytime I hit downtown I stop by a MAC store to see if they still have it. I admit I kept the name of the lipstick a secret for a long time but somehow it got out in the open. It was my baby and now I’m sad. I’m really dialing up the …

Fifty Shades of Grizzle

I’m so sorry for caving in and naming my post fifty shades of something, I’ve promised myself not to do that ever. But after putting on everything tweed, gray, herringbone etc I can find, what other option did I have? At least I read the trilogy and even though I think it’s success is overrated and there is no characteristical nor plot substructure, I enjoyed it whilst reading, so there. Speking of books about S&M relationships – hence sex and eventually babies, I just heard the big news (that absolutely is none of my concern) and I dedicate this post to Kate Middleton and Prince William’s baby on the way (?!) because my sweater is so big and comfy that I’m sure a pregnant lady would be soo comfotable in it? (referring to a current issue to attract attention when there is absolutely no other story to tell)