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Low Classic Spring 2018

Low Classic is not only my favorite Korean brand of all time, it’s also one of my favorite brands in the world ever since its inception. In fact, Low Classic is the reason I discovered W Concept in the first place when I was desperately looking for an online stockist that was selling the brand (incidentally it became my favorite retailer). I bought one thing, and then another thing… Now it’s one of my wardrobe staple brands and by looking at the Spring 2018 collection, it’s safe to say it will continue to be that way for a long time. If you see me in a yellow leather coat or a white stitch detailed black cotton dress next season, know where it’s from.

Best of Seoul Fashion Week Street Style

I don’t know when or why exactly Seoul Fashion Week became all about toddlers but I can’t complain much, especially when we can start the week looking at all these adorableness. I haven’t seen anyone (or any denim gang, to be more accurate) that has swag like these boys and it’s not all them, there are many other fantastic looks from different 3 year olds that would make you question your style (or couple styles or beauty routines?!) for real in this post. Some good looking adults are bonus. Here are my 45 favorite street style looks from Seoul Fashion Week.

Low Classic S/S 2016

Low Classic still holds the award of “honorable mention in the my favorite and most inspiring fall 2015 collections category”, I’m taking style cues from the F/W 2015 runway almost every day I get dressed so it was my first destination at Seoul Fashion Week Spring 2016. Apparently it’s also the last destination, again. Best part of the Spring 2016 collection is the almost cryptic obscene print details working perfectly with the sleek aesthetic of the brand.

Low Classic F/W 2015

I recently realized, as I was trying to figure out and describe my ideal style, that my favorite kind of minimalism is the one where classic silhouettes & clean cuts and witty & unexpected details can coexist in harmony. Most of the time collections fall in the opposite ends of the spectrum; either too simple & boring or disturbingly far-fetched but it’s safe to say that Low Classic, a Korean brand founded in 2009 which for me was the highlight of Seoul Fashion Week, nailed it. The classics: color palette, oversized silhouettes, laid back style perfectly adaptable for daily life. The surprises: fringe and stitch details, patchwork skirt and coats, daisy shaped cutouts, asymmetrical hems. It’s like Phoebe Philo and Jonathan Anderson got together and had a love child.