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Around The World

I may not be around as much as I used to and publish a post every single day like before but don’t you think for a single second that I gave up street style, or spending hours online checking out fashion weeks. Street style is my drug – let it be Pinterest boards, style blogs or fashion week snaps, I can’t live without it. And I can’t not share it with you, especially now that I have so many beautiful looks stored from around the world: best of Moscow, Kiev, Seoul and Tbilisi fashion weeks ladies and gentlemen.

Best of Seoul Fashion Week Street Style

I don’t know when or why exactly Seoul Fashion Week became all about toddlers but I can’t complain much, especially when we can start the week looking at all these adorableness. I haven’t seen anyone (or any denim gang, to be more accurate) that has swag like these boys and it’s not all them, there are many other fantastic looks from different 3 year olds that would make you question your style (or couple styles or beauty routines?!) for real in this post. Some good looking adults are bonus. Here are my 45 favorite street style looks from Seoul Fashion Week.

Global Street View

More (solid) proof that noteworthy street style scene is not limited to big four, or even big 8: last month three apparently very stylish cities (Moscow, Kiev and Seoul) hosted their own fashion weeks, with their very own street style modus. Here are my favorite looks of October from around the globe because I know you spent so much time thinking about your Halloween costume now you have no idea what to actually wear this weekend. I got ya covered.