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Ready Set Go

While some people may have problems committing I can proudly say that I’ve not only committed once (to my husband) but twice, to sneakers, which incidentally happens to be the longest relationship of my life. It doesn’t matter if they are the trend of the season or not, I’ve always preferred sneakers over everything, day or night, summer or winter. And because I’m not a trend shopper when it comes to sneakers I’m very picky in choosing only comfortable, cool and timeless pairs: like the Stuart Weitzman SW-612. The key points making them the perfect pair: extra comfy light suede that makes socks obsolete, the white rubber sole detail that gives it the extra touch, perfect cut at the ankle with a leather-wrapped elastic ruching detail that enhances the ankle (and makes legs look super long and flattering) so on and so forth… They come in 5 colors, either leather or suede and more good news is that these are not the only sneaker design Stuart Weitzman has. Now it’s time to get the other …

And It’s Time For Sports

Finally the fashion community has decided to give the women a rest; making sneakers (real sneakers, without hidden wedges and high necks) not only fashionably acceptable but actually a complementary to every outfit nowadays. In terms of how you are supposed to wear them; just put on your usual jeans, leather pants, shirt & jacket and – instead of ballet flats or pumps or boots – wear your ever comfy sneakers. This is especially good news for travellers who always want to stay in style, this year we have the chance to be on “Top 10 most fashionable tourists” list! I, personally, am a fan of my Nike Free Run 3.0 (you can see in the first picture) but I wear them when working out and since I work out almost everyday I need another pair to wear outside. I may get another pair of Nikes, give in to Zara once again (but there is a loud voice inside of me saying “no Elif, at least buy your sneakers from somewhere else!”) or the most …

A Not so Versaillesy Outfit

I love the crazy weather of Europe, making hysterical temperature swings from 10 degress to 30 degrees, then 15 the next day. Anyways, a beautiful sunny day in Paris is cue to a day trip to Versailles, especially if no one in the family has seen it before. I can’t feel my legs, or my feet, or my tushy; but it was worth it. Especially the gardens, the wisteria. It is the peak of all tourist activities in the world, but I made a promise to myself – last 3 days are all walking & shopping.