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Byond Fashion

One of the absolute best things about being a fashion blogger (besides having an excellent excuse to buy that 78th pair of sneakers or that same pant with a slightly different pleat) is being able to wear the designs of brands you’ve long been lusting after but can’t find everywhere because they are emerging or exclusive brands. Thanks to BYOND, an online luxury fashion store based in London offering a range of upper emerging designer brands, I could walk, run, swivel, twirl and do all those fashion shooting clichés in my favorite Altewai Saome jumpsuit from S/S 2016 collection with such joie de vivre because just look at how beautiful it is. Even a boy like me can’t resist its charm. BYOND is an online platform dedicated to connecting talented designers with smart fashion lovers who are eager to find unique sophisticated clothing in line with their modern lifestyle so it’s no surprise we found and ran towards each other with arms wide open. Besides Altewai Saome, their designer selection includes brands like Bedouin, Cristina …

Run Right Back

No matter how much and how frequently I announce that I will never wear heels again unless there’s a cocktail or wedding or something, I always find myself giving in at some point but this time I had my reasons. I shouldn’t need a reason anyway, pumps are better friends with a 5’3″ girl than diamonds,  a beautiful pair of Alexander Wang suede Marcelia heels that were waiting to feel loved since this winter are the best friend. It’s finally time. . Light grey cotton shirt Urban Outfitters (similar here & here) . Charcoal harem pants Aakasha (similar here & here) . Black suede pumps Alexander Wang (get a size 36 on sale here or similar here & here) . Metal round sunglasses RayBan (or get it here)

Pinafore Attire

I am not a good DIYer, per se, but I am somewhat good at repurposing old stuff and changing them into better, trendier versions of themselves. Case in point; I added the unused strap of a black sandal to my already existing slingbacks, turning them into something a bit more elegant and relevant. Finding the midi pinafore dress that would go perfectly with the “new” pumps was pure luck. . Black midi pinafore dress Vintage (similar here & here) . Tan suede coat Persephone Vintage (similar here & here) . Ivory ponyhair sling back heels ASOS (similar here & here) . Black faux leather fanny pack Nasty Gal (similar here & here) . Metal round sunglasses RayBan (or get it here)

Sliding Into Summer

All winter long I waited to wear this dress, but the outfit I had in mind included a coat and a pair of boots. See Canadian winter deaden your dreams so much that you can’t even fantasize about a proper spring look, but then one day it becomes so hot that you have no other option but to wrap that coat around your waist and trade your chunky, ugly boots for the loveliest of slides.  Yes, your pale legs may still blind people but that’s how you slowly slide into summer; no shame no game. . Nude knit midi dress with front slit ASOS (similar here & here) . Dark gray waterfall duster (worn around the waist) Vintage (similar here & here) . Black leather slides Zara (similar here, here & here) . Black fedora Urban Outfitters (similar here) . Metal round sunglasses RayBan (or get it here)

My Planet Needs Me

Or I need my planet, hoping that my planet is much warmer than the (part of the) one I’m residing right now, I can’t wait to get there with my frayed denim jacket and goosebumped legs. It was suddenly, miraculously and temporarily spring last friday, which forced the entire city of Montreal to go out of their caves and while some were still skeptical about the weather dressed in usual winter gear, I trusted it. Embraced it. Believed in it. Then it snowed again. . Frayed denim belted jacket Monki (very similar here & here) . Camel faux suede mini skirt H&M (similar here & here) . Black over the knee suede boots Zara (similar here & here)   .