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I Never Expire

I always believe there’s a funny plot twist in every person’s life story, something that happens to them very ironically when they think they’re the last person it can happen to. To me that thing was getting married. Despite the endless – sometimes subliminal – pressure you get all your life as a girl to get married, to have kids and live a “proper” life, I kept on chanting Anouk’s “Nobody’s Wife” like it was my personal anthem. I kept on laughing when my friends tell me despite what I say, I’ll be the first one to get married. I couldn’t be in serious relationships and marriage simply wasn’t fit for me. Then, at 19 years old, I met the love of my life. After dating for 7 years we got married when we were 26 years old. And yes, we were the first ones among our friends to get married. It wasn’t a splashy proposal and a show off wedding. It wasn’t because we had to get married because we’ve been together for so …

Wrappidy Wrap

Black tank top Topshop (similar here & here) // white tapered trousers Vintage (similar here & here) // grey cross sandals Jeffrey Campbell (get here or here) // scarf worn as headwrap H&M (similar here & here) Thanks to Giambattista Valli couture headwraps, I remembered how I survived the previous very hot and humid summers in Istanbul. Take a long and thin scarf and wrap it around your head twice: first being a turban knot, second being a regular knot and voila! You have the solution to 1) bad hair days 2) super humid days 3) rainy days 4) dirty hair days 5) flat hair days. And that makes up %80 of my days. .

Summer Burrito

White frill hem dress Need Supply (similar here & here) // kimono used as a wrap H&M (similar here) // black lace up flat sandals Kurt Geiger (similar here & here) Dresses, along with bags, are the least favorite items in my wardrobe. I don’t like the idea of wearing something someone else has already decided exactly how I should wear, so years ago I got into the habit of wrapping kimonos, cardigans or what have you around my too girly or too bland dresses to make them more personal. It’s better to be a burrito than a plate of rice. .