Fifty Shades of Grizzle

I’m so sorry for caving in and naming my post fifty shades of something, I’ve promised myself not to do that ever. But after putting on everything tweed, gray, herringbone etc I can find, what other option did I have? At least I read the trilogy and even though I think it’s success is overrated and there is no characteristical nor plot substructure, I enjoyed it whilst reading, so there.

Speking of books about S&M relationships – hence sex and eventually babies, I just heard the big news (that absolutely is none of my concern) and I dedicate this post to Kate Middleton and Prince William’s baby on the way (?!) because my sweater is so big and comfy that I’m sure a pregnant lady would be soo comfotable in it? (referring to a current issue to attract attention when there is absolutely no other story to tell)


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In Between

When the weather crazily shifts from 20 something degrees (celcius) of summer to 8 something degrees of winter in just 1 day – you usually have a hard time adjusting and giving up somethings. As much as I love wearing heavy knits and coats, I wasn’t ready to kick off my pointy heels yet. My feet hurt so bad (not from the inches but from the cold) and I can not imagine how lovely my November period is going to be… Ah the things we face for the sake of fashion. And speaking of fashion, say hello to our roof and drainpipes.

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Color Blocked Autumn


I think its fairly obvious why autumn is my favourite season of all – I can literally wear it! I want to stop the time and live in this state-of-weather forever. Though I’m kinda worried about Sandy and the people over at (the continent) America; a lot of my friends are living in New York and of course my boyfriend, living in Montreal. Hope it will be over soon with the least possible damage and people can move on with their lives and enjoy the beautiful life.

 color-blocked sweater and jeans from Mango, shoes from Zara, bag from Topshop, the trench was bought from a little boutique in Milan


Animal Print Vol 2: Sweaters

I’m not going to write the same things again, or even try to come up with new text about animal prints. You can find the earlier post here, this time there are less horsies and more foxes, birds, geeks, tigers etc and its ALL about sweaters :

1) Over the Shoulder Panther Sweater – $24.00

2) Jones New York Horse Print Equestrian Sweater (80s) – Auction (sp $9.95)

3) Krizia Smoking Fox Sweater – $299.99

4) Gray Geek Print Oversized Sweater (80s) – $34.00

5) Red Novelty Penguin Sweater (90s) – Auction (sp $19.99)

6) Panda Bear Knit Sweater (80s) – $19.80

7) Novelty Tiger Print Oversized Knit Sweater – Auction (sp $16.00)

8) Embelished Sequin & Gem Fox Sweater – $75.00

9) Lion Print Knit Sweater – $33.00

10) Cowichan Novelty Eagle Print Oversized Sweater (60s) – Auction (sp $16.00)

11) Cream Wool Duck Print Nordic Sweater (80s) – Auction (sp $9.99)

Animal Print

The one season when someone says animal print the first thing pops into your mind isn’t leopard or zebra but actual animal (horse, gorilla, bird, fox, wolf, eagle, dog or whatever) prints. To tell the truth I am a bigger fan of the actual heads rather than the skin prints because they are cooler and geeky and that is perfect for a girl like me who likes to dress a little repellant. If you are also one of those who thinks anything sexy is askew on them, join the club:

1) Oversized Horse Pattern Blanket Coat – $73.00

2) Tribal Animal Pattern Sweater (80s) – $27.00

3) Horse Prints Fleece Pullover Jacket (80s) – $58.00

4) Gray Tribal Eagle Knit Sweater Zip Up Jacket (80s) – $78.00

5) Horse Print Sweater Cardigan (70s) – $89.00 (now on sale for $80.00)

6) Goose and Rooster Print Knit Pencil Skirt – $42.00

7) Horse Printed Knitted Hoody (90s) – £34.00

8) Neuma Gray Duck Print Sweater – $229.99 (or best offer)