Don’t Stop, Crop all the Tops

This season took me back to my childhood, when I was so little (in the late 80s-early 90s) and dreaming of wearing open belly shirts when I grow up – which ended in my grandma getting angry at me when I verbalized this demand because of wanting “naughty” things. Lucky for her, I had no problem hiding my belly (in the city at least) for 20 years. Thank god she is still alive, and has to face the fact that her -still- little granddaughter will show some skin this summer because I simply can not resist the bralette & crop tops all around me!

Maybe its better to wear it while the weather is still chilly, wrapping something around makes the look less edgy and more wearable – taking %80 of the curious, judgmental and perverted looks off you. I am sorry for being so blunt but you have to see where I live in order to understand it.

Here are some awesome bralettes I’ve found, all with reasonable prices. It goes without saying that I adooore the white leather and the jacquard bras!

1) Buckled Leather Bustier – $158.00

2) ASOS PREMIUM Bralette With Heavy Beading – £55.00

3) ASOS Bra Top With Gingham Print – £25.00

4) Lianna Stripe Bustier – $48.00

5) ASOS REVIVE Leather Bra – £60.00

6) TOPSHOP Swan Cutout Bralet – £26.00

7) TOPSHOP Scarf Print Zip Bralet – £18.00

8) Free People Garden Lace Crop Bra – $38.00

9) ASOS Bra Top With Jacquard – £25.00

10) Lipsy Graphic Bra Top – £28.00

11) Free People Stretchy Ribbed High Neck Bra – $38.00

12) Denim Bustier – $80.00

90’s Versace

90s were the years when after decades of definite trends and movements, fashion world broke its chains with the importance of brandization, showing of skin more than ever and muddle of so many rebellious trends. One other thing to reminisce about 90s was Versace; all the magazines were about it, all the supermodels walked their catwalk (at the same time!) and the dresses were so phenomenal that the history wrote one of them as the one and only dress which made an actress from zero to hero in just one night (yes, Elizabeth Hurley). Not to mention that it has its very own Wikipedia page, A DRESS.

Giovanna Battaglia, former editor of L’uomo Vogue now contributing fashion editor of W magazine, also made a scene when she attended a Cannes after party last year wearing a Versace piece from the 90s which shows that they still cause a stir, just becoming more and more special and vintage everyday. It is almost impossible to find a vintage Versace now, instead you can try out some alternatives which will take the same effect:

1) Metallic Beaded Fringe Plunging V Necklace Bandage Mini Dress (80s) – Auction (current price $15.50)

2) Chain Back Plunging Leather Mini Dress (80s) – $465.00

3) Chain Bustier Bodycon Dress – $44.00

4) John Santana Knit Rhinestone Cage Bodycon Mini Dress (80s) – $136.00

5) Kristen McMenamy in ‘Black Is Back’ by S. Meisel for Vogue Italy July 92

6) Metal O-Ring Cutout Bandage Dress (80s) – Auction (current price $20.50)

7) Chain Link Denim Pants (90s) – $92.00

8) Elizabeth Hurley at the premiere of Four Weddings and a Funeral in 1994 wearing “that dress”

9) Starla Studded Cage Bandage Dress (80s) – $65.00