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Best of Bridal Spring 2018

One thing I’ve learned as a former bride and resident fashion blogger is that you never ever stop looking at wedding gowns, even years after you get married. Either they are too beautiful to ignore or all your best friends are getting married the same year and your camera roll is filled with bridal ideas from Pinterest or bridal shop dressing room photos (living thousands of miles away from my friends doesn’t stop me from interfering in shopping decisions, I’m that annoying) so it’s no surprise that once again I’m all over bridal trends this year too. I actually love wedding dresses so much that we (me and my best friend who isn’t getting married – we are 3 really close friends) even made a joke about buying the other two wedding dresses my friend didn’t choose and wearing them as bridesmaid dresses. Sounds a lot more fun than generic bridesmaid looks, no? Having said that, I’d gladly wear any one of these 70 gorgeous dresses from Bridal Spring 2018 collections to go grocery shopping …

50 Best Wedding Looks From Bridal Spring 2017

I’m going to be assertive about something: this summer, no one has more (really close) friends getting married than I do. I don’t know what the hell happened that made them all decide to tie the knot the exact same year and make me go bankrupt or miss some weddings I absolutely dread missing, but it happened. So now I feel like it’s more than just a blog post when I write about bridal stuff and even though most of them already bought their dresses, they’re still %100 more into anything wedding related. Long story short, here are my favorite 50 dresses from the Bridal Spring 2017 collections, for those who are getting ready for the big day and those who just like to look at pretty white gowns.

Valentino Spring 2016 Couture

Couture collections usually do nothing for me besides a little game of “who would wear which dress to what award show” but every now and then, one collection comes and you can’t resist its utterly ethereal aesthetic. Amid the “Africa themed S/S 16 collection showed by white models in African-American hair” controversy (amid because they used the same models with same hair even in the campaign shots), designers Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli managed to shift the focus away from that flop to an amazingly executed, very literally Roman, timelessly simple and yet youthfully modern couture collection. Side note: hundred bucks on that snake headpieces and metal harnesses being the “thing” of this summer.

The Winter Bride

One of my favourite Friends episodes is the one where Phoebe gets married. Everything goes wrong and at the end they had to get married outside on the street, right in the middle of a blizzard and (even though it’s a TV show and it never really works that way in real life) it was one of the most romantic things I’ve ever seen. I never actually dreamt about my wedding (or getting married for that matter) but the only thing I knew was that I would definitely get married in summer. I was never keen on the idea of having an indoor wedding, mainly  because the wedding venues in my hometown are beyond horrible, but also because I believed that it would be inconvenient in every possible way: the dress, the photos etc… And as much as I loved our outdoor party-more-than-a-wedding wedding, seeing these cosy photos made me think it wouldn’t be the worst thing to get married in winter. Actually it would be really great to get married in winter – as …