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Best of Bridal Fall 2018

Yes, I got married more than 4 years ago. Yes, almost all of my friends (who were supposed to get married) got married. No, I’m not looking forward to having another wedding (maybe a small one to celebrate our 5th year?) and no, none of my friends asked me for advice or listened to me when I told them my opinions (because a wedding dress is an extremely personal purchase and your mom liking it is always more important than your blogger friend liking it). Having said all those things, nothing stops me from following bridal fashion weeks, lusting after beautiful gowns and dreaming about how I’d look like in one of those. Maybe I can wear one to a gala someday? Like Jennifer Lawrence, no? Just look at these beautiful dresses, 45 of them to be precise, and tell me you don’t want to wear them, even just for a little bit, around the house.

Vania Romoff Bridal

On this week’s episode of “can I get married again please, no one told me I had this many choices” which, to avoid confusion, is not about the groom, the love of my life, but the wedding dress I wore: we have Vania Romoff‘s contemporary yet elegant gowns. The thing that sets her designs apart is how she puts a little twist on simple and clean lines; like a pocket, a pleat or a playful little drape. I would have gladly worn every single gown in this collection for my wedding and maybe even after, like for clubbing or taking a walk in the park and stuff.

The Winter Bride

One of my favourite Friends episodes is the one where Phoebe gets married. Everything goes wrong and at the end they had to get married outside on the street, right in the middle of a blizzard and (even though it’s a TV show and it never really works that way in real life) it was one of the most romantic things I’ve ever seen. I never actually dreamt about my wedding (or getting married for that matter) but the only thing I knew was that I would definitely get married in summer. I was never keen on the idea of having an indoor wedding, mainly  because the wedding venues in my hometown are beyond horrible, but also because I believed that it would be inconvenient in every possible way: the dress, the photos etc… And as much as I loved our outdoor party-more-than-a-wedding wedding, seeing these cosy photos made me think it wouldn’t be the worst thing to get married in winter. Actually it would be really great to get married in winter – as …

Such Great Heights

Hey there! As some of you – the ones who actually read the posts 🙂 – already know, I got married last week to my boyfriend of 7 years. It was an unforgettable wedding; not just because our families worked so hard to make everything perfect while we were away in Canada, but also because the wedding took place right in the middle of the Turkish rebellion. Not that it made anything harder tough, luckily the day of our wedding wasn’t such a hard day of clashes, but there are signs of riot everywhere, even in our wedding video where all of us stop the dance to shout out slogans to support the resistance. Resistance against fascism, against dictatorship, against anything that restricts one’s freedom just for the sake of others’ wishes. And apparently against the rain that poured down right in the middle of the ceremony, but thank god later stopped and made everyone more energetic and eager to have fun than they usually or possibly are. So if you ask me, it may …

Cortana, A Bridal Heaven

I’m so sorry if I’m boring anyone with my continuous bridal posts; and believe me being overwhelmed as I am – talking more about wedding dresses is the last thing I want to do. However; during my research, I’ve found out about a brand which I would feel really sorry if I hadn’t shared with you. In such a competitive industry and among big guns such as Pronovias or the designers like Elie Saab, Vera Wang etc; it’s so hard to find a genuinely unique, ethereal and elegant designer. Cortana is the fashion company of Spanish designer Rosa Esteva. Even though they only have 3 shops in Spain and nowhere else (and they do not offer online sale nor have any other retailers) they are so helpful that they offered to send me their sample dresses they have if I were to like one. Unfortunately none of the sample dresses were my “the one”, but the offer alone was heartwarming. Aside from the wonderful customer care; the gowns are beyond words. Her collections are characterised …