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Practising The Art of Seduction

People who love and memorize every single line of Friends will get the title; the others would think that I’m a complete smartass. I was posing and figured I may try looking sexy this time – and this is my perception of sexy: Trying to pole dance with a drainpipe and canoodling the wall. I really am a Chandler. I am the disgrace of style bloggers. top, trousers, leather jacket H&M, shoes Zara

A Not so Versaillesy Outfit

I love the crazy weather of Europe, making hysterical temperature swings from 10 degress to 30 degrees, then 15 the next day. Anyways, a beautiful sunny day in Paris is cue to a day trip to Versailles, especially if no one in the family has seen it before. I can’t feel my legs, or my feet, or my tushy; but it was worth it. Especially the gardens, the wisteria. It is the peak of all tourist activities in the world, but I made a promise to myself – last 3 days are all walking & shopping.