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Best of S/S 2020 Street Style

This year I was away from the blog and from the fashion month, but thanks to Alyssa Coscarelli who wore our cowboy boots for a full day in NY, I was there spiritually. It was actually better than all my other fashion week experiences combined, to be part of a fashion week look and maybe inspire it – so now I’d like to share my favorite looks of the entire month (from NY, London, Milan and Paris) that will inspire my future looks & purchases.

Singulier MTL

Sorry for the long absence from the blog, just like it happened to a lot of people I follow everything started to be just about IG and other social platforms which left poor old blogs to rot in silence. Also last year I decided to pause my blogger/influencer work indefinitely to work on other creative ventures so I’d like to use this opportunity to return back to the blog and to announce that I finally opened up my online vintage shop Singulier MTL together with my photographer friend Ada Cakar. If you’ve been following me for a while, especially on Instagram, you’d know my undying love for vintage – I even had a blog back in the day called Old is Always Better where I shared my vintage finds daily – so I guess it was only a matter of time before I pulled the plug and turned it into a business. Shopping for vintage for a living is like a dream and creating something everyday for the shop that is beyond myself, my photos …

One Mignonne Swan

I know it’s a cliché but swans have been one of my favorite animals ever since I saw The Swan Lake Ballet as a kid (also the most famous park of the city I grew up in was named after them and feeding the swans was a big part of my childhood) and since earrings are the only piece of jewelry that I like “the more statement the better” I literally squeaked when I saw these Mignonne Gavigan swan earrings. They are literally my gifts to my own childhood (who was scared enough to wait until 12 to pierce her ears). They are so perfect that I find myself checking out mirrors constantly. Mignonne Gavigan is one of the most creative jewelry designers out there, you can always set her pieces apart even in a crowd, always fun and whimsical – like nothing you ever saw before. It’s hard to find earrings that can lift the whole outfit, even the simplest outfit, and still not look too over the top and she manages to do …

Best Street Style Looks of PFW Spring 2019

I have to admit that even though I’m tired of fashion month just by sitting on my couch (attending the craze for even just a week was enough for me) and that I don’t really enjoy seeing the same faces over and over again on the street style scene, especially when I know that among the attendees there are always lot more stylish and unique people that I wish would get photographed, I still always look forward to the street style of Paris. As it’s the fashion capital of the world and the grand finale to all fashion weeks, people knowingly or unknowingly save their best looks for Paris and I love stocking up on inspiration for the next 6 months. Spoiler alert, stop reading this post now if you don’t want your savings to tank – all these looks are good for the soul, bad for the wallet.