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Etsy Giveaway & Holiday Picks

2017 was a crazy year for me; we moved to a new house, my husband started his new job cementing our residency in Montreal, I hit over 100k on Instagram, I went to Iceland and saw Northern Lights with my own eyes, celebrated new marriages and little babies of dear friends AND I became one of the ambassadors of Etsy Canada which believe it or not, was one of the biggest highlights of my year. Etsy has always been my biggest obsession, where I found all my vintage and handmade clothes and furniture which helped me build my own unique style over almost a decade. I’ve converted many people to Etsyism and this year I took that mission to a more official and Canada-centered level. I’ve discovered so many amazing shops and their even more amazing owners. Now Etsy is not only the place I shop at but also a place I have friends at, it’s a tight community of people creating & appreciating unique and creative goods. After a wonderful year of working with …

Into: Mushroom Lamps

I don’t know exactly why I love mushrooms so much, or to when it is dated back (biggest suspect is Fantasia and the mushroom dance which has always been my favorite) but I’m utterly fascinated by everything about mushrooms. They taste like heaven, the fact that they can grow in the freakiest places makes them magical (among other things that make them.. magical) and they have the most beautiful shape in the world (it’s no secret that I try to dress up like one every now and then). So no wonder I’ve really gotten into mushroom lamps lately – especially murano glass ones – and given my love for mid century modern design it was love at first (and second, third, fourth…) sight.

Rove Concepts

Those of you that follow me on Instagram may already know (because it’s all I talk about lately) that I’m moving to a new, bigger and brighter house next week which means only one thing in my universe: endless furniture shopping. I’ve spent so much time online looking for the “perfect” everything, trying to find the best version of an interior concept I have in my mind for the best possible price. Vintage is usually a good option but for some things (especially big furniture) you just want to have something brand new – with a vintage look – and that’s when I dove into the world of Rove Concepts, an exceptional Canadian destination where one can find handcrafted impeccable mid-century and modern-European furniture and home accents. They are selling designs you either can’t find anywhere else or for prices that are unbeatable. Seriously, I heard about them before but my world has changed after I discovered what they’ve been all about. With their 3 exclusive brand collections (RoveClassics where they recreate iconic pieces [my …

Cane Back’s Back (Alright!)

I love how everything I’ve seen in doctors’ offices when I was growing up is coming back one by one; first the monstera plants and now the Cesca chair (Cesca is the name of the chair with a cane back and a cane seat with a metal frame, named after its founder Marcel Breuer Cesca, which is sometimes also referred to as the Breuer chair) but it’s not just the Cesca chair that’s having it’s moment in the sun right now, it’s ALL cane back chairs. With or without arms, wood or metal frames, brown or black edges – it simply doesn’t matter. And because they’re so popular right now it’s extremely hard to find one for a reasonable price however I managed to spot one in one of the second hand furniture depots in Montreal and scored one for $10 (yes, that’s $10, I’m not missing a zero there). May the force be with you during your search!

Sleep On A Pallet

Despite how I may look from the outside (or totally in accordance with it, I have no idea how other people see me, anyways) I always choose comfort over appearance. I may make it look like otherwise but it’s totally not the case. I only wear sneakers or super comfortable flats even though my closet is flooded with shoes (and not just heels, I’m not wearing anything that slightly bruises my feet), dresses & skirts or anything that doesn’t have a bottom support is basically a torture machine for me, I only carry crossbody bags that I can “handle” and when it comes to my home, I only buy beds & sofas that are actually comfortable and good for my health rather than anything cool looking. Which is exactly why my boring IKEA mattress has been sitting on an even more boring (and non-functional) black wooden frame for years even though I love the image of bohemian floor beds. There is absolutely no way in hell I’m sleeping on a floor, sorry. BUT, I just …